Odd Meter Bebop: How to Play Comfortably in 7/8
This video lesson & play-along pack walks you step-by-step through:

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  • 15 exercises and lines that flow gracefully over 7/8 (7/4)
  • How to think about 7 so it’s not “odd”
  • What lines work best rhythmically and WHY
  • What resolutions to look for across the barline
  • Why you need to “own” one key first
  • Why accenting certain parts of the beat separates amateurs and pros
  • and much more…

Here’s what you’ll get:
  • Download the 3-part Video + Audio versions of this lesson
  • Download the mp3s of all 15 examples – play along with me!
  • Download the custom-made backing tracks to practice with (with chords & just drums)
  • Download PDF of 15 example licks & phrases to work with (tenor and alto)
  • Complete explanation of what I’m doing and how to practice it and incorporate the concepts into your playing

Download this ENTIRE package with one click immediately upon purchase!


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“Wow, you’ve really hit the nail on the head with your teaching methodology. The lessons are very clear, well informed, straight to the point and contain enough information to study for weeks / months / a lifetime. Thank you. You’ve succeeded where many have failed.”
– Andrew H.

Wondering how to practice playing in odd meters?

This can be a difficult and mysterious challenge…especially if you have only a metronome to work with. The secret to becoming comfortable and proficient in an “odd” time signature is…ready…drum roll, please…playing A LOT in that time signature!

But how do you do that?

I’ve always found it helpful to write tunes and grooves for myself that get me inside the core feel of each time signature. Then I play those tunes with real musicians.

What if you don’t have access to musicians who can help you?

Then it would be really, really helpful if you had a solid set of grooves to play along with.

Enter this lesson pack.

“Bob’s way of explaining every detail is fantastic!”
– Jimu, New Zealand